Belle Isle Craft Spirits

Belle Isle: The Birthplace of Premium Moonshine


Belle Isle takes its name from a 540 acre island located in Richmond’s James River. From the early 1800’s, the island was home to a number of companies manufacturing everything from nails to railroad equipment to copper kettles used by soldiers during the Civil War. Equipped with Belle Isle made copper kettles and an abundance of corn, resourceful soldiers distilled their own spirit.

It was on Belle Isle that the world’s first premium moonshine was born. This was a premium spirit, distilled in Belle Isle copper kettles, that was fit for governors’ mansions, army generals and the social elite.


Belle Isle Premium Moonshine is hand-made in small batches using 100% organic corn. Purified water from the James River and quadruple carbon filtering create a remarkably smooth, sippable spirit that harkens back to moonshine's rich history while taking America’s Original Spirit into the future.


The Founders.

Alex Wotring, Vince Riggi and Brian Marks started Belle Isle Craft Spirits in early 2013 after becoming fed up with the “novelty” brands of Moonshine lining the shelves of their local ABC stores. While mason jars and aged fruit are fine and dandy, they envisioned a premium grade moonshine, hand crafted with 100% organic corn.

As soon as their flagship spirit, Belle Isle Premium Moonshine, was available for special order in late 2013 – it sold out in a matter of weeks.

We set out to reimagine what moonshine can be while honoring its adventurous, independent legacy.