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Day 10 - Orange & Clove Infused Moonshine

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Orange Clove Infusion Intro

Welcome back to Day 10 of our 12 Days of Infusions series!

Today we've got a delicious holiday-themed infusion from our good friend and cocktail expert, Mattias Hägglund. Mattias is co-founder of Heritage, an award-winning dining & cocktail spot located in the historic Fan district of Richmond, VA.

His Orange & Clove Infused Moonshine is an outstanding wintertime infusion that tastes as good as it looks (especially in his Pomander cocktail). Let's see how it's made:

Orange & Clove Infused Moonshine Recipe

Orange Clove Infusion Ingredients
Orange Clove Infusion Ingredients

What you'll need - 1 bottle Belle Isle Premium Moonshine - 1 whole orange - 40 whole cloves

Here's how to make it Quarter the orange and stick 10 cloves into the rind of each quarter. Place orange quarters into a large mason jar and pour in the bottle of Belle Isle Premium Moonshine. Seal the jar and store in a closed cabinet for 2 weeks to infuse. Once a day give the jar a quick shake to speed up the infusion process. After 2 weeks, strain the spirit through a fine mesh strainer and discard the orange quarters.

Pomander Cocktail Recipe

Orange Clove Infusion in Action
Orange Clove Infusion in Action

What you'll need - 1 1/2 oz Orange & Clove Infused Moonshine - 1 oz Cocchi Americano Rosa - 1/4 oz hum botanical liqueur - 1 egg white - 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice - 3/4 oz 1:1 simple syrup

Here's how to make it Add egg white to shaker, then follow with the remaining ingredients. Close shaker and dry shake for 7-8 seconds (without ice). Add ice, shake well and strain into chilled coupe glass.

Orange Clove Infusion Cocktail
Orange Clove Infusion Cocktail

Mattias Hägglund

"My goal for this cocktail was to take that wonderful, seasonal flavor profile and build it into a pretty crowd-pleasing drink."

- Mattias Hägglund