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Day 6 - Vanilla & Nutmeg Infusion

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Welcome back to Day 6 of our 12 Days of Infusions series!

Today's vanilla nutmeg moonshine infusion is courtesy of Derek Salerno. Derek heads up the cocktail program at Comfort, an award-winning restaurant and bar serving up modern Southern cuisine in Richmond, VA's downtown art district.

Keep reading to learn how to make your own vanilla nutmeg infusion, and how to use it to make Derek's legendary Aged Vanilla Nutmeg Eggnog.

Vanilla & Nutmeg Infused Moonshine Recipe

Vanilla Nutmeg Infusion Ingredients
Vanilla Nutmeg Infusion Ingredients

What you'll need - 16 oz Belle Isle Premium Moonshine - 2 vanilla beans - 2 whole nutmeg seeds, lightly crushed - 2 toasted hickory nuts, crushed (with shells)

Here's how to make it In a clean, quart-sized mason jar, add all ingredients and seal tightly. Shake and taste daily - it should not take very long to infuse (2-3 days). If the nutmeg flavor becomes overwhelming, remove the nutmeg seeds with a spoon while waiting for other flavors to develop. After infusing, strain the spirit and discard the solid ingredients.

Aged Vanilla Nutmeg Eggnog

Vanilla Nutmeg Infusion Cocktail
Vanilla Nutmeg Infusion Cocktail

What you'll need - 16 oz Vanilla & Nutmeg Infused Moonshine - 12 egg yolks - 2 cups demerara sugar - 16 oz quality bourbon or rye whiskey (we recommend Catoctin Creek Roundstone Rye) - 6 oz brandy (we recommend Meukow VS) - 6 oz aged, sweet rum (we recommend George Bowman) - pinch of salt - heavy cream (for serving) - grated nutmeg (for serving)

Here's how to make it Whisk egg yolks into sugar until well incorporated and a bit lighter in color. Add all other ingredients and transfer to a large, clean mason jar. Refrigerate if you would like, but it actually is not necessary if allowed to age for at least one month. Age for at least one month, but it will continue to mellow and develop flavor for a year or more.

For a serving, dry shake (without ice) an egg white until frothy, then add 2-3oz eggnog and an oz of heavy cream. Strain, and grate nutmeg on top if desired. I find it is best not to make large batches of aged eggnog because it is shockingly potent, and the booze is well-hidden.

Derek Salerno Headshot

"With a bit of time to mingle, the ingredients come together and complement each other beautifully. After a taste of aged eggnog, you’ll never go back to haphazardly dumping a bottle of booze into store-bought eggnog again."

- Derek Salerno