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What Kind of St. Patrick's Day Drinker Are You?

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Boost your bomb with a little caffeine! All photos by  Joey Wharton .

Boost your bomb with a little caffeine! All photos by Joey Wharton.

Even in the realm of booze-centric holiday celebrations, St. Patrick's Day gets a bad rap. Although it's technically a cultural and religious celebration commemorating the death date of Saint Patrick, the primary patron saint of Ireland, March 17 has devolved into an excuse for debauchery. The mere mention of the holiday can conjure memories of drinking lukewarm green Coors Lite, eating stale Irish soda bread, wading through drunken masses shouting over loud bagpipe music, and getting pinched for forgetting to wear green in elementary school.

Don't fret, my shamrock-loving compatriots! It doesn't have to be this way. Celebrate the luck of the Irish however you'd like with these four St. Patty's Day cocktail ideas for each type of leprechaun out there. Are you a green martini sipper, or more of a bomb enthusiast? Whether you'd prefer your Irish goodbyes to be inspired by Champagne or Guinness, Belle Isle's got you covered this St. Patrick's Day. 

The Traditionalist

You're into keeping it classic, and on St. Patrick's Day that means a sweet, frothy, bright green martini. The deceptively boozy Hop, Skip, and a Jig is our spin on an old-school Grasshopper cocktail, and it pretty much tastes like a boozy Shamrock Shake. Some may call you old fashioned, but If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

The Sophisticate

If you want to get in on the St. Patty's Day fun, and your tastes run a little more high brow that green beer, the Spicy Frenchman is right up your alley. The French liqueur Green Chartreuse lends a subdued green tint to this herbal sparkler, and the sparkling wine (use Champagne if you're truly fancy) makes it light and bubbly.

The Low-Maintenance Leprechaun

You're easy to please, and you don't need anything fancy to have a good time.  The Minty Mountain Hop is super simple - all you need is Belle Isle Ruby Red, lime juice, club soda, and Fee Brothers Mint Bitters. These bitters are the best! They add a bright pop of color, and the finished product is a citrusy, refreshing banger.

The Party Animal

Our Irish Breakfast Bomb needs little explanation. Belle Isle Cold Brew Coffee and Guinness is the perfect St. Patrick's Day combo. You know what to do: Drop it in and chug!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Belle Isle Moonshine is a premium, handcrafted spirit proudly hailing from Richmond, Virginia.

We take the name Belle Isle from a small, 540-acre island located smack dab in the middle of the James River where Civil War soldiers used surplus corn rations to make moonshine in copper kettles.

Belle Isle Moonshine is distilled from 100% organic corn, grown by three family farms and responsibly sourced. Once triple-distilled, we charcoal filter Belle Isle four times over. Then, we cut it with purified water right from the James River. Our infusions are made with 100% real ingredients, never artificial flavors or color. We use real grapefruits sourced from Texas and California, local honey from the Shenandoah Valley, organic habaneros grown an hour away, and freshly roasted coffee beans from the most socially conscious roastery in Richmond, Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co.

From there, each bottle of Belle Isle Moonshine is filled, corked, labeled, and packed by hand by our Production team, who check each bottle and batch for quality assurance. Since Belle Isle is made in small batches, you can find the batch number handwritten in the bottom right corner of each bottle.

Distilled from good times and 100% organic corn.

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