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Thanksgiving Cocktail: Pecan Pie Old Fashioned

CocktailsElizabeth FuquaComment

The third week in November officially kicks off the hectic holiday season. But have no fear! This week we stopped by Belle & James where one of Richmond's most beloved bartenders, Sean Rapoza, mixed up a boozy treat to help take the edge off.

Cranberry was too obvious. I went with my favorite part of the meal - dessert.
— Sean Rapoza

Pecan Pie Old Fashioned

2oz Pecan Fatwashed Belle Isle Premium Moonshine 100 

3-5 dashes of bitters

1/4oz Simple Syrup

Add Ice and Stir


Prep glass by dipping in caramel + roll in crushed pecans

Strain into rocks glass

Add Cube

Optional: Use a smoking gun for extra smoke flavor.