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Spring Cleaning: Three Handy Household Uses for your Old Vodka

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There’s no wrong place to enjoy a 100 Proof Martini.   Photos by   Joey Wharton  .

There’s no wrong place to enjoy a 100 Proof Martini.

Photos by Joey Wharton.

By now, you know that you deserve to replace your vodka with something ‘shinier–but that doesn’t mean you have to throw it away! We’re not monsters, after all. Vodka has plenty of practical uses that don’t involve your cocktail glass.

Just in time for Spring Cleaning season, we’re sharing some tips to put that tired old spirit to good use–and leave your house looking spotless in the process After countless experiments (and even more cocktails), our Director of Marketing, Brandon Day, developed these three easy ways you can repurpose your old vodka into the perfect Spring Cleaning tool. Oh, and since you know we won't clean (or do anything, really) without a cocktail in hand, we're also sharing a few cocktail recipes to make the whole dirty process a tad 'shinier. Let’s dive in!

Cleaning Tip #1: Remove Old Labels

We all know the old adage: Reduce, reuse, recycle, Rihanna. One of our favorite ways to cut back on trash is to repurpose glass jars and bottles, but getting those pesky labels off can be a bit of a struggle. The burn of your old vodka is exactly the kind of firepower you need to get those labels off.

While you let the vodka sit on the label, kick back and enjoy a sip of this new, improved take on the Harvey Wallbanger, made with our latest infusion Belle Isle Blood Orange.





Add all ingredients to a mixing tin over ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice.

Cleaning Tip #2: Sanitize Surfaces

We’re not saying you should dump your vodka down the drain, but did you know you can DIY a simple surface cleaner with it? All you need is vodka, water, and your choice of essential oils combined in a spray bottle.

Even though you just cleaned your bathroom, now it’s time to treat yourself by dirtying things back up. That’s right - we’re talking about our take on the classic Dirty Martini, swapping out vodka for the smooth taste of Belle Isle 100 Proof.




Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with olives, lemon twist, or any other garnish you'd like. Feel free to customize this recipe to make your ideal martini!


Cleaning Tip #3: Fight Off Home Invaders

Vodka’s amazing ability to burn your tastebuds is surpassed only by its capacity to kill pests that can infect your beloved houseplants. Vodka is a great alternative for stopping insect home invaders, as it is much gentler on your plant than harsh, chemical-filled insecticides. If you were hoping for a vodka-based solution to stopping actual home invaders, we’d suggest a taser instead.

Saving your plant from invasion is hard work. As a reward, mix yourself up this floral-inspired twist of The Aviation, featuring a splash of citrus using Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit.

The Earhart




Drop one Luxardo cherry into a chilled coupe glass. Combine remaining ingredients into a mixing tin with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into coupe.


Still thirsty?

Belle Isle Moonshine is a premium, handcrafted spirit proudly hailing from Richmond, Virginia.

We take the name Belle Isle from a small, 540-acre island located smack dab in the middle of the James River where Civil War soldiers used surplus corn rations to make moonshine in copper kettles.

Belle Isle Moonshine is distilled from 100% organic corn, grown by three family farms and responsibly sourced. Once triple-distilled, we charcoal filter Belle Isle four times over. Then, we cut it with purified water right from the James River. Our infusions are made with 100% real ingredients, never artificial flavors or color. We use real grapefruits sourced from Texas and California, local honey from the Shenandoah Valley, organic habaneros grown an hour away, and freshly roasted coffee beans from the most socially conscious roastery in Richmond, Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co.

From there, each bottle of Belle Isle Moonshine is filled, corked, labeled, and packed by hand by our Production team, who check each bottle and batch for quality assurance. Since Belle Isle is made in small batches, you can find the batch number handwritten in the bottom right corner of each bottle.

Distilled from good times and 100% organic corn.

Spirit School'ed: Water You Drinking?

Spirit School'edBrandon DayComment

We’re staunch believers in the idea that better input equals better output. When it comes to cocktails and spirits, we also like to think that when you drink better, you feel better. The first step to drinking better is knowing what exactly you’re putting into your body. That’s why we’re rolling out a new series we are dubbing Spirit School’ed. Through this series, we’ll take a look at the vast selection you might behind the bar and how it ends up in your drink. Ready? Bottoms up.

For our first episode, we’re starting with the basics: water. Even the simplest ingredient like H2O can drastically impact your drink, depending on how you use it. We’re going to break down the most popular sparkling options you’ll find in cocktails: soda water, tonic water, and mineral water.

1. Mineral Water

Although a typical choice for cocktails, mineral water is the most naturally occurring form of sparkling water. By definition, mineral water comes from a spring that contains various minerals, typically salts and sulfur compounds. The “sparkling” or lightly carbonated nature of mineral water is caused by contained gases within the water, which is noticeably less bubbly in comparison to other carbonated waters. A Perrier Rondelle, or Perrier with a slice of lemon, is a common French apéritif or café offering for its dry and light taste.

We pair mineral water with our original Belle Isle Premium Moonshine for a light, refreshing spritz. The natural minerality of the water and slight effervescence mix perfectly with our base spirit's notes of sweet corn and molasses to create a smooth, evenly balanced cocktail.


2. Club Soda

Club soda, sometimes another moniker for soda water, is identical to mineral water in look and somewhat similar in taste. Whereas mineral water draws the minerality of its contents naturally, club soda’s mineral components are artificially added. This addition gives club soda a slightly stronger mineral taste and more intense carbonation as well. Because of its brighter, more intense taste, club soda pairs well with flavors that are equally as bright like citruses and fruit-forward spirits.

Our go-to simple cocktail recipe is Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit and club soda. The sweet and bright citrus notes of the spirit are accented by the sharp taste of the club soda, resulting in an insanely refreshing drink you can always come back to.

3. Tonic Water


Although colloquially known as tonic water, our next sparkling cocktail ingredient is probably closer to a soda. Tonic water is a sweetened, carbonated infusion made with quinine, a naturally occurring compound found in the bark of the Cinchona tree (or more commonly the Remijia tree). Tonic water was originally used as a preventative malaria treatment, and is still sometimes used as a treatment for leg cramps. Although the tonic water you find today has much less quinine than the original medicinal recipe, the same unique bitter flavor can still make for a fantastic addition to your cocktail of choice.

While the classic gin and tonic is a great default, pairing tonic with other botanical, savory, or bitter spirits can make for a fantastic cocktail. Our favorite is the Rise & Shine Tonic, just a simple and invigorating combination of Belle Isle Cold Brew Coffee and tonic water.