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Day 1 - Rosemary Infused Moonshine

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Rosemary Infused Moonshine

Welcome to the first installment of our 12 Days of Infusions recipe series!

Today we're starting off with a festive infusion recipe and accompanying cocktail, The Rosemary Boulevardier, courtesy of the exceptionally-talented Beth Dixon.

Beth manages the bar and cocktail program at Pasture, a nationally acclaimed dining spot in the heart of downtown Richmond, VA. Now let's infuse some moonshine:

Rosemary Infused Moonshine Recipe

Rosemary Infusion Ingredient Essentials
Rosemary Infusion Ingredient Essentials

What you'll need - 1 Bottle of Belle Isle Premium Moonshine - 10-20 sprigs of freshly picked rosemary - 1 quart-sized mason jar

Here's how to make it Fill the mason jar with rosemary, then pour over moonshine. Let it infuse for 2 days. After infusing, strain the spirit through a fine mesh filter.

The Rosemary Boulevardier

Preparing the Rosemary Boulevardier
Preparing the Rosemary Boulevardier

What you'll need - 1.5 oz Rosemary Infused Moonshine - 1 oz Bonal - 1 oz Cappelletti

Here's how to make it Combine all cocktail ingredients in a cocktail shaker (or mixing pitcher) with ice. Stir and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a twist of orange and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

The Rosemary Boulevardier
The Rosemary Boulevardier

Beth Dixon of Pasture

I love this wintery play on a classic Boulevardier!

- Beth Dixon


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