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How Our Habaneros Grow

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These Habaneros Put the Heat in Our “Sweet Heat” Honey Habanero Moonshine

At Belle Isle, we are extremely conscientious about the ingredients that go into our spirits. We don’t call it “premium moonshine” for no reason. When we first started making our moonshine, we didn’t want to use just any grain. We opted to take a more difficult route by using only 100% organic corn that we then triple distilled to give our spirits a clean, pure taste and finish. Yes, it’s more expensive and takes longer, but we know that it’s worth it, and our customers agree.

So when we decided to make our first spirit infusion, Honey Habanero Premium Moonshine, the same thought and effort went into sourcing and implementing the best ingredients. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of flavored spirits on the market today, but nearly all of these options are made using artificial flavors that just mask low quality liquor. We knew we had to do better.


We also knew that we wanted our first infusion to be unique and delicious. When we settled on the idea of a “sweet heat” our next task was to find the best peppers we could use to create a high quality infusion. That search led us to Covilli Brand Organics. Covilli is a family owned organic produce company out of Arizona that is well known for their high-quality, 100% certified organic products. But Covilli didn’t leave it there - they took it a step further and recently all of their produce became Fair Trade Certified as well.

Being Fair Trade Certified ensures that Covilli farm workers have safe working conditions, access to healthcare and education for their children, regulated working hours, and rest and sick days. This certification also verifies sustainable farming practices. You can learn more about this certification, the process and its requirements on the Fair Trade USA website.


Combined with 100% pure, raw honey from the central Virginia-based Bubba’s Sweet Nectar which acts to sweeten the habanero’s heat, our Honey Habanero Premium Moonshine is a delightfully balanced infusion.

At Belle Isle Craft Spirits, our primary concern is making a great product by great people, so we ensure that our vendors care about their products and their people as much as we do.


Photography by Ash Carr and Alexander Kreher.